Why most transformations fail cover

Why Most Transformations Fail

The ‘over-used’ and ‘over sold’ Digital Transformation phenomenon has been the mainstay of all trends across all industries for at least the past decade and seems to be still on the rise with 70% of global enterprises, yet 84% of all attempts fail.


Do you have a Roadmap for Digital Success?

A 2015 MIT/Deloitte study explained Digital Transformation as a Strategy not a Technology. It further suggested that maturing digital businesses leverage integrating social, mobile, analytics and cloud towards transforming how their businesses work. Less ­mature ones focus on solving discrete business problems with individual digital technologies.


How Digitally Mature is your Organization?

Running a business in this complex digital world can be daunting. A fear of disruption. A constant investment in a new technology tool or another. Rethinking every strategy at regular intervals. Where did the days of snooze and cruise go? Seems like everything one learns has an expiry date. Sounds familiar? You are not alone in this.