Ready To Innovate For The Next Generation Of Digital Customers?

Customers of today enjoy unprecedented power to influence brands and demand a product and a service in the way they want, at the time they want and at the place they want. Social media really enhances their power and while most corporations in the developed world believe that they are ready to take on this continuous innovation cycle of madness, their readiness is far less than they think.

Digital Readiness is much worse in the developing world. Senior executives and Boards of these organizations need to wake up to the reality of today’s business and take a harder look at this phenomenon. They also need to continuously question their readiness for these moving targets in order to stay ahead of the success curve. And while there is no single way to achieve this (or the right one for that matter), most digital toolmakers wish for these leaders to believe that a simple acquisition and implementation of their products and services can magically take these organizations into digital nirvana. The reality is far too complicated and requires a much more understanding of the new way of human thinking rather than simply relying on technology. Some of the approaches below can provide perspective.

Re-imagine Success

Winning in the digital world is way more a strategy play than a technology play. It’s a shift in mindset to be doing things in ways most executives have never done before and requires going back to the drawing board and reimagining the way they think and the way they execute a difficult task.

Foster a culture of Innovation

Innovation is no longer an R&D function. It is expected to be a pillar weaved into the vision of an organization. Yet, it is staggering to see the number of organizations and their reliance on one division or an individual to be the face of digital innovation. Successful organizations foster a culture that encourages trying new and innovative techniques and make failure a part of the DNA.

Embrace the fear of Digital with open arms

Since most corporate executives don’t agree on what digital is, the fear of what it really could be encourages them to make mistakes in overcoming it. Forward-thinking companies embrace this with open arms and continue to strive in the ways they communicate and operate for ultimate success.

Invest in Digital Learning

Training Magazine shows 8% decrease in executive learning from 2015 to 2016. Now more than ever, with the stakes so high and the consumer possessing the kind of power, executives need to stay more and more ahead of the game by keeping up with their learnings. Video and app-based learning journeys continue to aid this transition and should be taken advantage of.

So where does the Digital Journey begin?

TransformX is a global firm focused on Human Centric Transformations. The TransformX Employee Enablement Solutions are built on the TransformX Digital Maturity Model that enables organizations in taking on the demands of the next generation of digitally connected businesses.

Success is achieved in 3 phases:

Diagnostic Assessments that provide a baseline for how Digitally Mature the organization and its employees are and identifies the areas that need skill building across all levels of the organization.

Transformation Roadmaps that strategically bring customized Learning Journey’s, Innovation focused events, deep dives and workshops into the mix and build the requisite skills needed to innovate for the future.

Partner Assisted Executions are carried out for specific solution, process or innovation areas that are identified during the Assessment or the Roadmap phase.